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About Findster Duo

The Findster Duo company was launched in 2013 and launched as an innovative startup company through a product crowdfunding process. It is a provider of GPS tracking system that is designed to allow you to find out your pet’s exact location as well as quickly receive data in real time.

The idea underlying this venture is this:  no matter how well you trained your pet, or how loyal and devoted he or she is to you, sometimes it will get tempted to run away or it will get lost. That is why it is important to have a device that you can use instantly to track down your precious pet and avoid many potential problems.


This is revolutionary product, as it doesn’t require cell coverage and allows you to know your pet’s exact location in every moment, by using GPS real-time tracking technology. There are no monthly data transmitting fees and the device is very simple to set up and use.

What is even better is that the device is made to be waterproof and to send back info on your pet’s activity, so you can monitor its behavior and react instantly if you notice something you don’t like.

Findster Duo pet tracker is compact and discrete, so it won’t bother your pet at all. In addition to that, it is suitable both for dogs and cats, so you will easily find them, wherever they decide to go.

On top of that, this product comes with some intriguing features, such as history, badges, leaderboards and pet activity monitor. This means that not only will you have insight in your pet’s routines and main activities, but you will also have fun comparing your stats with your friends, while assuring all of your pet’s needs are met.

You will not have to worry about charging the batteries all the time, as the battery life is estimated to around five days, depending on the use.

How Does It Work?

Findster Duo is the only pet tracker that allows you true real-time tracking and sending your pet’s location directly to your phone. The app has a built-in radar, which shows how far away you are from your cat or dog and guides you back to them.

In addition to that, you are able to define a safe range, the area your pet is allowed to spend its time in. Once it crosses the borders you have put in the app, Findster Duo will notify you about it and show you the exact location and movement of your pet in real time.

Findster Duo contains two modules – one for you and one for your pet – it is attached to your pet’s collar and it uses the MAZE technology to communicate wirelessly, in radius of up to 3 miles. It doesn’t require a working SIM card to function and works in every country, so you can use it virtually wherever you are.

Most importantly, there are no data transmission fees and you don’t have to worry about roaming if you find yourself in another country with your pet.

Cost and Price Plans

The package contains 1 Pet Module, 1 Battery Charger and 1 Guardian Module.

Findster Duo can be yours for $149.99 and if you buy in bulk, you will be able to save some money, too. For example, for two products you will pay $199.99 and for three $249.99, saving up to $200!

The product comes with free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Findster Duo is unique tracking device that enables you to monitor your pet’s activities in real time. Not only will you know where your pet is and what he or she is doing every moment, but you are also able to use some additional features, as well, to analyze its health and behavior.

You are able to use it wherever you go, as it is designed for the outdoor use. That said, it doesn’t require a working SIM and communicates wirelessly.

However, you may experience some issues with it, as it tends to work poorly indoors. In addition to that, some users report in their comments they need some additional metrics that other devices monitor, such as temperature and vitals, for example.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you wish to find a good pet tracker, you can also take a look in some alternative models.

For example, if we compare Findster Duo vs. Whistle 3, you will see that it is designed for pets over 15 pounds in weight, which means it is most probably not suitable for your cat.

On the other hand, one of the popular models is Pawscout, but it has a very limited range of tracking when compared with Findster Duo.

Another product using real-time GPS tracking is Anysun, but it is also not made for smaller pets and there can be some added fees related to its usage.

Where to Buy?

To place a purchase, visit the company’s official website at


As a responsible pet owner, you tend to meet your pet’s every need and make sure it stays happy and healthy.

However, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can simply lose track of it and find yourself in a miserable attempt to find and bring him or her back home.

That is why it is important to have a specialized pet tracker on hand. That said, Findster Duo is an innovative device that uses GPS real-time tracking, but also records all of the important metrics, so you get a complete insight in your pet’s behavior and health.

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1 Review

Have not been able to locate my pets when lost

December10, 2018

I would not purchase this product again. Maybe I’m not using it correctly, but not videos or directions have showed me differently. If i have to log in and pair my devices every time i let my dogs out, forget it!! I keep my units charged! But usually only open app when i want to locate my dogs, guess what, it hasn’t worked yet! These other reviews must be fake!!

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Findster duo plus

December3, 2018

I absolutely love my findster duo plus! It’s is amazing and it has helped me with my husky when she gets adventurous! Great product! Thank you

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1 Review

Tried, Tested and True. Best pet tracker around

October22, 2018

(Just posted this review on Amazon. Will post it here as well, hoping that it may help someone)

I want to mention right off the bat that I've previously tried a lot of pet trackers (whistle, pod, tractive... the works). My dog Cooper was a real troublemaker as a pup, so it's fair to say I know the competition very well! Now that I've established that, let's get into it: Findster Duo+ is currently the best pet tracker you can find.

Reliability: Having tested the alternatives, I have to say the precision of this thing is nothing short of amazing. It pinpoints my dog so accurately and effortlessly that no other tracker I've tried can compare with the Findster on this point.

Range: The Findster uses two modules that communicate with radiofrequency in order to avoid using cellular coverage and needing monthly fees. Pretty ingenious! However, this also limits the tracking range to about 3 miles, according to the product info. I personally have only reached about 1.7 miles while testing, as we haven't been farther apart. I'm generally near Cooper while we're out and about (unless he bolts for some reason, which is why I got the tracker in the first place) and this is more than enough for this purpose.

Battery life: Usually lasts me around a week. GPS tracking is off during most of the day, while I'm at work (it only tracks Cooper's activity during this period). When I get home and want to take him for a walk, I turn on the GPS tracking and off we go. If the GPS needs to stay continuously, it lasts around 10 to 12 hours. Usually this is only necessary in longer walks, while we're exploring unfamiliar territory on weekend trips for example. This number could be improved, but we're talking about a product that provides very precise live updates which of course will drain the battery. For the quality of tracking the Findster offers, it's a pretty fair compromise.

Features: Requiring no cellular coverage or internet access to work (you can download maps for offline use) is a tremendous asset. Due to the Findster's tracking accuracy, the GPS fences work like a charm. I haven't used other included features so much, like sharing or the leaderboards, but they are also well-designed and seem generally straightforward.

Price: Some of the other trackers have lower purchase prices, but Findster definitely pays off in the long run due to the lack of fees.

I've seen a few negative reviews of this tracker and most of them can be easily explained with the reviewer's lack of understanding of the product. If you want to track your dog remotely, this is not the tracker for you. But if you're looking for that extra something that will bring you peace of mind when you're out with your bud, whether walking down familiar streets or adventuring in unknown territory, then the Findster is what you're looking for, and it's pretty much perfect at what it does. You're in for a treat!

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1 Review

Love Findster

October16, 2018

My dog is a wanderer and loves to walk all over the yard before she does anything at all. She also gets distracted when she sees animals and we live in the woods so sometimes she gets the urge to chase them and finding her in the woods is hard, we've done it once because we seen some deer! I love Findster.

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1 Review

Findster Duo = unreliable and dishonest

October5, 2018

Great when it works, but often loses connectivity for no apparent reason. Then you don't know where your dog is - so don't count on it. Sometimes gives false locations.

Battery doesn't last all day when tracking.

I bought two: one got punctured by another dog's tooth but still works, mostly (see above); and the other stopped working when the dog went briefly into shallow water (it had been submerged before and kept working).

I have been fighting with them for several months about the one that doesn't work, as they are supposed to be waterproof. They sent a replacement, but refuse to declare it a warranty replacement so I am expected to pay high duty fees AGAIN (shipped from Portugal).

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