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Founded in 2010, WorkMarket’s vision is to power the future of work by building a modern work market with an exchange between businesses and skilled professionals. They deliver great tools and empower experiences that open up productivity and engagement ad growth in your business.


Some of WorkMarket’s major products include Marketing Solutions. With this, you are able to build your marketing cloud, all from a single dashboard. You are also able to supercharge your marketing team by building a trusted labor cloud of skilled designers, photographers, writers, copywriters and many other on-demand professionals.

The team can boost your marketing strategies, scaling your marketing cloud up and down and outperform your peers within the same industry.

Retail Solutions is the second product offered by WorkMarket, which helps you scale your operations. WorkMarket’s marketplace offers certified field service pros that retailers can handpick based on the requirements that they want. With your team of retail-skilled professionals, you will have a better, faster and cheaper service delivery, accelerating response time while reducing service delivery costs at the same time.

You are also able to leverage WorkMarket’s geolocation and mobile tools. This will ensure that the team has the right tools at the right time and in the right place, as well as manage the labor and inventory among other aspects. The automated service delivery operations prepare you for seasonal demand and nationwide project roll-outs.

The Vendor Network Solutions provides various solutions, such as solidifying your network through vendors with the skills for any kind of project who offer quality results. Tap into a network of elite service providers which will greatly extend your capabilities, enabling you to serve your customers better and help improve your market coverage. On a single dashboard, streamline the management, communication and engagement of the whole vendor network.

Tech services are where WorkMarket carries out a rigorous screening process to identify and organize the top 10% of IT technicians. This is so that you spend less time hunting for techs and focus more on what really matters.

How Does It Work?

WorkMarket combines intelligent automation, machine clouds as well as labor clouds, creating a platform for work where employers can find, verify, engage, manage, pay and rate freelancers.

Cost and Price Plans:

WorkMarket has three plans - one for which the worker is free to sign up and the second is SMB Pay per Assignment, where you engage on-demand workers a few times a month and send assignments.

The third is the Enterprise Custom pricing, which you use to scale your business with flexible workflows and thousands of workers in your labor cloud. You are able to set the terms at the outset of a project and send funds directly to workers upon approval or completion of an assignment.

Customer Service:

If you want to get in touch with WorkMarket they can also be contacted by filling the contact form on their website, or email them at [email protected] or [email protected], or call them on 877-654-WORK.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are some positive comments and praises towards WorkMarket, as some say that it is a great place to work in, offers flexibility with remote work and time off, has smart people who are committed to their work and towards the company’s growth and success, has great potential with amazing leadership and more.

However, one complaint is that the terms and conditions in the “Managing Funds” section are difficult to accept, since they ask the workers to authorize WorkMarket to add or withdraw funds from the third-party accounts that they have provided.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Apart from, there are other platforms like Upwork, and Fieldnation that offer similar products and services. When looking at WorkMarket vs Upwork or vs Fieldnation, they are all online marketplaces with experienced technicians, among other numerous skilled workers that will provide you with the quality work that you need for your projects.

Where to Buy?

Join WorkMarket as a company or as a worker online at


WorkMarket is an effective, centralized command center where you are able to manage your workforce of contractors or vendors, tracking live assignments and projects from start to finish.

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